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RADAR Measurements

Radar Cross-Section (RCS)

Since the inception of Radio Detection and Ranging (RADAR) technology in the 1940s by the United States Navy, the capabilities of the technology have become many and varied. Using Radar Cross-Section (RCS) technology, an object can be characterized based on how radio waves behave and react to it. Factors such as the relative size of the object, the conductivity of the material of the object, and the sophistication of the detection system, all contribute to an object's RCS profile.

RADAR measurement diagram hgn

RTL is able to perform finely detailed RCS and High Range Resolution (HRR) profiles over all IEEE RF bands from 1-40 GHz (L, S, C, X, Ku, K and Ka) in our indoor measurement facility. Full-scale data collection and analysis is available and performed by highly skilled engineers to determine the scattering properties of your models. We have arbitrary waveform generators for creating complex pulsed signals for modulation such as chirp FM, BPSK, barker sequences or custom digital modulation on continuous or pulse trains with variable pulse parameters settings. Our Vector Network analyzers used for RADAR measurements are capable of high-resolution pulse profile measurements test setup.

Our RCS facility produces antenna gain measurements, E-and H-plane amplitude and phase patterns. We produce one and two-way ISAR antenna images using our RCS software application. Our measurement facility is available for both preliminary and advanced/final RCS or HRR measurements.

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