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Site Surveys

Comprehensive RF Site Surveys

RTL performs on-site Site Survey Analysis for operators of Personal Communications Services (PCS), cellular services and microwave towers who must consider RF site viability and mapping for proposed sites before the start of site construction, as well as for interference problems on existing sites。 Existing sites are often used by other service providers whose equipment may be causing interference, or these sites may be deemed inappropriate because of other RF interferences。

斗地主达人Problems with power supply regulation, unwanted audio superimposed on signals, high rate of unexplainable hand-offs, frequently dropped calls, or other artifacts occurring from your cell site, are a few of the symptoms of unwanted RF signal interference into cellular telephone systems. These typically occur at cellular or switching sites near broadcast or other high power RF installations several miles away.

If your equipment is not functioning properly on your site, we can perform a Survey Analysis on the viability of the site. We provide on-location, accurate Electromagnetic Field Site Surveys and Radiation Hazard Exposure measurements from DC to 30 MHz for magnetic field, and from 30 Hz to 220 GHz for electric field, as well as Electric and Magnetic Field Mitigation.

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