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International Approvals

Worldwide Homologation & Certification Services

RTL's worldwide homologation services offer your company the best strategy for gaining regulatory product approval in over 100 countries. Our knowledge and experience enable us to reduce the number of required emissions, immunity, and product safety tests by defining the minimum subset of regulatory standards for your target countries at the onset, reducing your time and cost to enter these marketplaces. Keep your focus on your business, and let us handle your international homologation needs.

Our Process:

homologation & Certification process

What we do:

  • Assess your product to determine how it will be classified in each target country.
  • Research the specific regulatory and industry standards your product must meet.
  • Identify the minimum subset of regulatory tests required.
  • Define a global regulatory approval strategy for your product, including obtainable timelines for approvals.
  • Present a quotation including costs for testing, applications/approvals and other expenses, if any.
  • Implement the global regulatory approval strategy for your product, including testing, application compilation and submissions, leading to regulatory approvals in your target countries.

How we do it:

RTL's product homologation services are provided in a professional and proficient manner, ensuring the shortest time-to-market for your product, at the least cost, using expert in-house resources and experienced international homologation partners. Your RTL Project Team will determine the regulatory approval requirements and outline the best approval strategy for your product, conduct all EMC and safety testing, offer test support when in-country testing is required, prepare and file the approval applications and monitor the relevant regulatory bodies until approvals are received.

Our Expertise:

RTL knows the approval schemes in each market through experience and by staying current on the rules and regulations, and can lend expert advice on approval requirements, thereby helping you develop the most efficient and cost-effective approval strategies for your products. We can provide detailed information on the compliance requirements, including testing. For example, the regulations in some countries require in-country product testing; we can also provide you with a realistic assessment of the testing time frame and costs. In those instances when in-country testing is required by the regulations, RTL Test Engineers have the technical expertise to support the equipment under test, minimize delays in testing, and provide you the security of knowing that your approvals are being competently managed.

The RTL Document Administrator works closely with you to compile the required technical documents and other necessary paperwork, and will combine with the detailed test reports to create and submit an application for approval by the relevant regulatory bodies.

Research and Support:

RTL provides research of national and international requirements for equipment and emerging technologies in the midst of ever-changing international regulations. The results of our investigation can be presented in a simple summary or a detailed report. As with any client interaction, RTL maintains client confidentiality at all times.

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