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Our Interface

Effective Interface Strategies

RTL interfaces with your design engineering team throughout the design process, from standards consultation, schematic and PCB review, to full compliance testing。

Standards Consultation - PCB Reviews and Analysis - EMI/EMC Testing

Standards Consultation

  • We review your product specifications in conjunction with the relevant standards, and advise any impacts on the design specifications. RTL interprets the regulations and acts as the intermediary between your company and the regulatory agencies.


PCB Reviews & Analysis:

  • Products are more complicated now than ever before due to advances in wireless technologies. Various mixed wireless modules are all integrated on the same PCB complete with ITE digital circuitry. For the product development cycle to be efficient and yield a compliant product, a successful design review, PCB review and product analysis are vital.


EMI/EMC Testing:

  • A very high percentage of the products whose development cycle includes the steps outlined here do not require mitigation. When tested, these products comply with the relevant rules, regulations and standards, and consequently achieve your time-to-market goals and maximize ROI.

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