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Design Reviews And Analysis

PCB Design Reviews and Analysis

Designing a product compliant with all the national and international rules, regulations and standards is challenging enough, but it's made all the more difficult by the speed and reach of the Internet, which has created unlimited opportunities for overseas supply chains, resulting in fierce global competition. And if that is not enough, product shelf life has dropped significantly over the last 3 years; products such as portable consumer electronics are redesigned, re-branded and re-purposed every six months.

One of the primary predictors of a successful product launch is time-to-market.

RTL engineers help you successfully meet your new product target launch dates with PCB design reviews and analysis implemented early in the development cycle. In some cases, our early participation can shorten the timeline for the development cycle, and reduce your costs.

At a minimum, RTL engineers evaluate for the following parameters during PCB design reviews and analysis, however our evaluation is not limited only to the parameters listed below:


  • Termination type
  • I/O Port filtering
  • Isolation of multiple power
  • Decoupling capacitor scheme

PCB Layout:

  • Trace length
  • Number of Via-holes
  • Signal/Ground traces
  • Traces near plane edges
  • Traces crossing G/V planes
  • Estimation of radiated emission fields
  • Crosstalk
  • Grounding vias along ground-plane edge
  • Filters on a trace connected to a connector
  • Differential pair trace check
  • Discontinuities of return current return path
  • PCB stack-up
  • PCB impedance & resonance

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