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Design Evaluation And Mitigation

Effective Design Services

RTL formulates its EMC Design Evaluation & Mitigation processes by introducing EMC/EMI control strategies at the start of a typical product development cycle. We delineate a complete set of EMC/EMI techniques that consider national and international standards and spectrum management, appropriate selection of integrated circuits and Printed Circuit Board interconnection design rules. As a result, we are able to identify and resolve problems in today's complex commercial and military products resulting from radiating and conducting emissions, immunity and crosstalk.


An Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) environment is created when a product functions without error, or is compatible, in its intended electromagnetic-environment。 On the other hand, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is created when electromagnetic emissions from a product or system interfere with the normal operation of another product or system。

RTL provides EMC mitigation and troubleshooting services for conducted emissions, radiated emissions, conducted immunity and radiated immunity. Using systematic approaches to find and fix EMC problems in non-compliant products, in most cases we can quickly analyze the symptoms, identify the problem and offer interim and permanent fixes to be applied in order to meet the requirements of the applicable regulatory standards.

We do this by identifying the three essential elements of any EMI/EMC phenomenon, namely the source (culprit), the receptor (victim), and the coupling path. The methods of coupling electromagnetic energy from a source to a receptor fall into one of four categories - radiated emission (electromagnetic field), inductively coupled (magnetic field), conducted (electric current), and capacitive-coupled (electric field).

Benefits of Our Approach

RTL's Design Evaluation & Mitigation expertise and service offerings:

  • Give your company access to a critical knowledge base
  • Facilitate the design and production of compliant products, eliminating unpredictable time and costs of mitigation
  • Maximize ROI with a shorter time-to-market, and critical resource savings
  • Increase robustness and reliability of products in most electromagnetic environments resulting in increased immunity and less interference

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