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Rhein Tech Laboratories, Inc。 (RTL) is a full-service design and compliance engineering test laboratory。 We have grown with the industry from general purpose EMC testing into other areas of testing such as Radio (RF testing), Military and Aviation, Industrial, Scientific and Medical, Automotive, Electrical Safety, Shielding Effectiveness, Site Surveys and Radar Cross Section & High Range Resolution measurements。

Our staff has received extensive training in various aspects of hardware product development with emphasis on compliance engineering designs to assist with all types of certifications, including international approvals。 We can design your new project, from conception to a final printed circuit board, with emphasis on EMI/EMC, to meet any standard。 We can also review your existing schematic design, analyze complex printed circuit boards for potential compliance problems, and provide recommendations to alleviate problems discovered through EMI testing。

Our mitigation solutions can be accomplished with your production schedule in mind. We have mitigated and tested industrial equipment with complex multi-layer printed circuit boards, wireless high frequency broadband Personal Communication Service (PCS) tri-band cellular phones, and WLAN devices. Our services include, but are not limited to, FCC, IC, CE, Radio testing, and MIL-STD testing for the military and for defense aerospace industries.

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