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In the age of IoT (the Internet of Things), technology is easier and more convenient to use than ever. Our cars, home security systems, lighting fixtures, and even refrigerators are connected to the internet, allowing us to interact with them via our smartphones and laptops.

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In today’s age, product designers are finding it more difficult to establish electromagnetic compatibility in a cost-effective manner—and this is largely due to the Internet of Things. Wireless connectivity, while convenient and useful for consumers, often requires a device to contain multiple RF interfaces, which poses a number of problems for designers.

On August 26, 2016, modifications to the Mexican foreign trade rules and criteria were published in the , regarding all devices approved under the current NOM-EM-016-SCFI-2015 and previous NOM-121-SCT12009 standards pertaining to devices operating in the following bands: 2400-2483。5 MHz, 5725-5850 MHz and 902-928 MHz。

The new Mexican foreign trade requirements call for the mandatory presentation of Certificates of Conformity (NYCE certificates) issued under NOM-EM-016-SCFI-2015 at Mexican Customs for all devices operating on the frequency bands specified above. Because of this, there is a risk that any Certificates of Conformity issued under the previous standard (NOM-121-SCT1-2009) will not be accepted by Customs.

In conflict, IFT technical provision IFT-008-2016 states that all Certificates obtained under the previous standard (NOM-121-SCT1-2009) would remain valid with no need to re-certify under NOM-EM-016-SCFI-2015. Because of this confusion, Mexican Secretaria de Economía (SE) issued a notification on August 29, 2016 stating that any Certificates of Conformity or IFT Approval Certificates issued under the previous NOM-121-SCT1 2009 standard must be accepted at Customs and fulfil the requirements stated in the current NOM-EM-016-SCFI-2015.

Manufacturers are encouraged to provide a copy of the SE’s August 29, 2016 notification at Mexican Customs for all devices in order to prove compliance and ensure Customs delays are not incurred due to this confusion.

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On August 2, 2016, the European Eurasian Commission approved the draft of Technical Regulation, “On Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic products。” This regulation establishes requirements for manufacturers of radio, electrical, and electronic products, prohibiting the content of certain hazardous substances。 It has been developed in line with international practices including European Directive 2011/65/EU from June 8th, 2011。 It also outlines conditions for confirmation of compliance, labeling, and operation in the Customs Union (CU) market。 This new regulation will come into effect in November 2016 and will include the following products:

  • Domestic appliances;
  • Information technology equipment;
  • Telecommunications equipment;
  • Lighting equipment;
  • Electrical tools;
  • Leisure and sports equipment;
  • Vending machines.

This new regulation process is very similar to that of existing CU EMC and Safety Approval schemes:

  • Declaration scheme only will apply depending on equipment type. However, Certificates can still be issued if the equipment falls under the Certification scheme for other CU Technical Regulations.
  • A single Approval will be issued covering all applicable CU Regulations for a given device.
  • All products will still be required to be labeled with the correct CU conformity mark.
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Mexico - New Logo Standard

Posted on February 3rd 2020

Mexico’s Secretaria de Economía (SE Mexico) recently issued the Draft Mexican Official Standard PROY-NOM-106-SCFI-2016. In Mexico, products must be compliant with the Federal Law on Metrology and Standardization to be able to be imported/commercialized products in Mexico. There are two types of standards, Official Mexican Standards (NOM) and voluntary Mexican standards (NMX). The new logo standard will be enforced in the near future.

Proposed new regulation:

  • A change in the dimensions of the letter, “M”, in the NOM logo
  • If a product complies with a voluntary standard, it may now have the NMX logo.
  • If the product complies with both official and voluntary standards, then it suggests the use of two logos, NOM and NMX, instead of just the NOM logo.

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South Africa - SABS Re-opened

Posted on February 3rd 2020

The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) has recently re-opened and is accepting applications for EMC/EMI Type Approvals.  Changes to the process have been introduced, including a preliminary assessment by officials ahead of a formal review.  Foreign manufacturers are still permitted to act in the capacity of local Approval holder.  The approval price, lead time and documents needed to support such a request will vary depending on the type of product certification and the outcome of SABS’s initial review.

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South Africa - ICASA Strike

Posted on February 3rd 2020

Over 50 staff members of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) have been on strike since July 4, 2106.  The length of the strike is unknown; striking workers are demanding payment of prior salary bonuses.  ICASA has been operating with a shortage of staff so on-going approval projects may soon be impacted。  

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Recently, the department for technical regulation of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) released for review and comment (by July 29, 2016) two proposed amendments to technical regulations in Russia。 The first draft contains amendments to the technical regulation of the Customs Union “Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means” (TR CU 020/2011) which clarifies products covered by the regulation。 The second draft proposes amendments to the technical regulation of the Customs Union “On safety low-voltage equipment” (TR CU 004/2011), through the elimination of duplicate provisions and the clarification of products covered。 A summary of the amendments follows: 

customs union

Bhutan - New Type Approval Process

Posted on February 3rd 2020

Bhutan’s regulatory authority, BICMA, recently implemented type approval certification of information and communications technology (ICT) equipment. International applicants who intend to export their ICT equipment to Bhutan must obtain a type approval certificate for their equipment. Type approved equipment should be affixed with a label as shown below:


Please note that a lot of ICT equipment, e。g。 mobile handsets, data modems, RTTE embedded in PC or laptop with output power less than 100mW, is exempted from the type approval certificate。

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Papua New Guinea’s National Information & Communications Technology Authority (NICTA) has recently launched a public consultation on the following ICT technical standards and specifications:

  1. Technical Guideline for WiMax Technology;
  2. Technical Standards for Operation of V-SAT & Ancillary Equipment;
  3. Type Approval Standards for Wireless Broadband Access Equipment;
  4. Type Approval Standards for Wireless Local Area Network Equipment;
  5. EMC and Safety Requirement for ICT Equipment;
  6. Type Approval Specification for DVB-T2.

These are new standards and specifications, and do not replace any previous versions. The purpose of these technical standards and specifications is to clarify specific requirements for each technology’s type approval, frequency assignments, etc. The public consultation process has been ongoing since January 15, 2016 and a closure date has not yet been confirmed.

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