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Radio Frequency Spectrum

斗地主达人Radio frequency spectrum management is the process of regulating radio frequencies to promote efficient use and reduce interference potential to benefit all users。 The radio frequency spectrum can be described in economic terms as a natural resource, and while the spectrum itself is finite, it can be instantly renewed through spectrum re-purpose。 These attributes give the radio frequency spectrum a significant economic value that requires policies that address equity of access, maximum efficiency in use and allocation, strict management of interference, and all related technical issues。

The rapid proliferation of wireless services and mobile devices has only increased the need for spectrum availability and spectrum planning in order to manage interference between users。 Wireless transceivers cannot distinguish between similar field strength and multiple transmissions on the same frequency; as a result, interference will occur if it is not managed。 In fact, the radio frequency spectrum would be polluted by unwanted emissions from wireless devices, and electrical equipment that produces unwanted emissions would harm the reception of television, radio and the essential radio communications of police, firefighter and emergency personnel, as well as aeronautical and military communications。

斗地主达人In the U。S。, the Federal Communications Commission is responsible for the radio frequency spectrum management, requiring careful planning, difficult spectrum decisions and imposed limits to ensure little or no interference。 The challenge for radio frequency spectrum regulators is to continue to successfully manage the spectrum while facilitating its change。 Radio frequency spectrum management also includes harmonization agreements, such as telecommunication Mutual Recognition Agreements between countries, in which international spectrum arrangements are made, or the use of directives in economic unions。

Rhein Tech's accredited standards testing and certification services facilitate the successful management of the national and international 3 kHz to 300 GHz radio frequency spectrum used for wireless communications in commercial, scientific, industrial, medical and military applications。

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