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How We Do It; EMI, EMC & Wireless Testing

Our EMI, EMC & Wireless Testing Process


For 23 years Rhein Tech has had the privilege of providing top-notch engineering services in a professional and efficient manner at highly competitive rates to our very satisfied clients. We are successful because we have a very competent and conscientious staff focused on providing excellent service, and we monitor and analyze our performance on a daily, monthly and yearly basis to continually improve our processes and hold down costs, to ensure you receive the best service at the best price.

Our EMI, EMC & Wireless Testing Process


RTL tracks scheduled time and actual time spent on each phase of a job using tMonitor's© Performance Matrix application software. We monitor key performance indicators such as: test productivity; application turnaround; customer interaction; internal and external resource utilization; and overall project productivity, considering all these factors. These key indicators, including a check of our productivity rules-in-use, allow us to better serve you, from initial inquiry to the successful conclusion of any project.

Customer Inquiry:

Our process begins with the Customer Inquiry. When you request a quotation from RTL, our performance analysis confirms that 1) we can provide the service in the timeframe required, 2) we can perform the required services in the most cost-effective manner to limit your cost, and 3) you will be pleased with the quality of our service throughout the process. Once we understand your product, your requirements, and your timeframe, we will prepare your quote, based on our goal of keeping your costs as low as possible and maximizing your overall experience with our lab. For the best results, we encourage you to complete our online quotation form, which requests the information about your product and your goals that we need to prepare a proper quotation.

Quote Generation:

Customer Service personnel then initiate an official Service Request to generate a formal quotation. In some cases, we may contact you for additional information, or some research may be required on our part, based on the product and the scope of work. Once the quotation is completed, it is emailed to you for your review, along with a detailed list of items required for testing and/or certification,. We would be pleased to speak with you directly at any time during this process. Upon acceptance of our formal quotation, a Purchase Order (PO) must be issued to us based on the terms of the quotation before any work can begin. Upon receipt of the PO, and after consultation with your designated point-of-contact (PoC) for the project, the RTL Project Manager schedules the project and assigns the RTL Test Engineer. The test equipment and required cables/peripherals, and test instructions as outlined in the quotation, should be shipped or delivered to our lab (shipping address斗地主达人, please including RTL PoC) to be tested by the assigned RTL Test Engineer according to the terms of the quotation.


If you are seeking formal regulatory approval for your product through a certification application, the RTL Document Administrator will begin communications with your PoC about the administrative and technical documentation requirements。 This is a critical aspect of obtaining product approval and the right to sell your product。 If necessary, RTL can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement。


Throughout the scheduled testing, the RTL Test Engineer will provide a status to your PoC, and alert him to any issues he finds that indicate the product is non-compliant。 If you authorize us to make your product compliant, our Test Engineer can "troubleshoot or de-bug" your product and make it compliant。 Any substantial efforts that may be required outside the scope of the original quotation will be quoted to you for your approval, and a PO issued to RTL, before this work is done。 If changes to your product are required to achieve compliance, the RTL Test Engineer will provide a detailed explanation so that these changes can be implemented on production units。

Report Generation:

When testing is complete, the RTL Test Engineer generates the test report。 Simple test reports such as Radiated and Conducted Emissions reports for residential and commercial Information Technology Equipment, are sent via email to your PoC。 Test reports required for certification applications for licensed and unlicensed devices are reviewed by the RTL Document Administrator and approved by the RTL Project Manager。 The RTL Document Administrator will send a draft of the report(s) to your PoC for review and approval。 To obtain formal regulatory approval, the RTL Document Administrator prepares the test report(s) and the supporting technical and administrative documentation, and acting as your authorized agent, submits the application(s) to the necessary regulatory agencies (Federal Communications Commission (FCC)/Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB), Industry Canada (IC), European Union (NB), for their review and approval。 The RTL Document Administrator follows this process until formal approval is granted, and will receive proof of this approval in the form of a grant or certificate typically generated as a 。PDF file by the regulatory agency。 You will receive immediate notification of this approval, including the grant or certificate issued。 Shortly thereafter, you will receive a copy of the complete application on CD for archiving purposes。

Regulatory Agency:

In the event that a Request for Information (RFI) is issued by the regulatory agency during the review process, the RTL Document Administrator will interface with the RTL Project Manager, RTL Test Engineer, and your PoC as appropriate to satisfactorily address the issues in order to obtain the grant or certificate. Once your project is complete, whether it's testing only, or certification, RTL will return your equipment as instructed using your preferred shipper and your shipping account number. Please understand that your equipment may not be returned to you in the same condition it was received by the lab.

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