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The light rail, a transit technology that employs lighter rail cars than traditional rail systems, has steadily grown in popularity in the United States since the Obama Administration. Such cities as Seattle, Portland, and Charlotte have profited from the use of light rails, which offer a variety of benefits, including less traffic congestion in population-dense cities; environmental advantages; quieter operation; high passenger capacity; and greater access to amenities.


Figure 1: Light rail in Portland, Oregon


Recently, however, there has been pushback against light rail systems, especially in the case of the Durham-Orange Light Rail System, whose project was discontinued on March 27th, 2019. After two decades of research, design, engineering, and funding, Duke University, who had originally signed a non-binding memorandum in which they agreed to cooperate with GoTriangle, who was overseeing the project at that time, rejected the project, angering Durham officials who were desperately in favor of light rail.

The Durham-Orange Light Rail System would have benefitted North Carolina in numerous ways, including spurring the development of affordable housing in Durham. The project, however, would have caused electromagnetic interference (EMI) that would affect Duke University’s medical and research facilities.

Light Rail and EMI

EMI, or electromagnetic interference, refers to the electromagnetic energy issued from outside sources, such as radios or microwave ovens, which interferes with another device’s electromagnetic energy. Light rail systems produce transient magnetic fields that affect Geo-magnetic and Quasi-DC magnetic fields. Disruption to the magnetic field is caused by two primary sources:

  • Electric currents that power the light rail and produce transient magnetic fields
  • The steel mass of light rail vehicles, which causes localized magnetic field shifts as the train passes


Figure 2: Main electric traction system conductors


EMC, or electromagnetic compatibility, refers to the coexistence of electromagnetic energy from multiple devices. When a device is EMC certified, it does not interfere with another device and vice versa. Electronic equipment, including railway systems, must undergo EMC testing to be deemed safe for civilians as well as surrounding technology.

Duke University provided a list of susceptible medical equipment to GoTriangle, which included two electron microscopes and six MRI machines。 With EMC testing, these problems could have been mitigated。 In fact, facilities at the University of Minnesota and University of Washington mitigated EMI issues caused by a nearby transit。 Despite this, however, Duke University refused to sign the agreement allowing GoTriangle to continue construction。

Light rail systems could provide various benefits to the Unites States, including less traffic congestion, less automobile pollution, economic development, and transportation alternatives for tourists and low-income residents。 Despite the fact that light rail systems pose EMI risks, they are beneficial to society and the environment—and these EMI risks can be mitigated。

At Rhein Tech Laboratories, Inc., we provide general purpose EMC testing as well as specific, industry-based EMC testing for fields such as Scientific and Medical, Automotive, Industrial, and Shielding Effectiveness. Don’t let the fear of possible EMI complications halt your next project. Whether you need assistance designing your project to meet EMC standards or recommendations for mitigating EMI concerns, Rhein Tech Laboratories, Inc. can help.

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EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) testing is becoming more important than ever before due to emerging technological devices, such as personal entertainment and communication devices and electronic equipment that enhances consumer convenience。 With the emergence of new technology, however, comes an increased potential for EMI (electromagnetic interference)。


Such variables as lower supply voltages, high switching currents, and the demand for smaller and more affordable devices makes current and emerging technology more susceptible to EMI.

Proving EMC compliance is necessary in order to introduce a new product to the market。 Some engineers, however, don’t understand the basics of EMC testing, and those who do push it to later stages of device design, ignoring the fact that EMI should be considered during every stage of the design process。

EMC pre-compliance testing offers companies various benefits, including:

  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced probability for redesign
  • Mitigated delays
  • Increased chance of EMC compliance approval

To ensure that your products are safe for consumers and will work accordingly, it is essential to understand the basics of EMC testing and how to find a laboratory that will benefit your product and company.

EMC is grouped into two categories: immunity testing and emissions testing. Immunity testing measures how a device will react when exposed to EMI and emissions testing measures how much EMI a device generates.  

斗地主达人When the electric car was first introduced, many consumers were worried that EMI from the vehicle would affect pacemakers within passengers。 EMC testing and EMI shielding, however, mitigated those concerns, ensuring that electric cars were, indeed, safe for all consumers。 Thus, it is vital to test for EMI to ensure that devices are neither susceptible to interference from nor a risk to other devices。

To better understand the significance of EMC testing, consider the below devices and how they can affect consumers both positively and negatively.

  • Medical Devices: Hospitals are jam-packed with medical and electronic equipment, from front-desk computers to MRI machines. For hospitals to run safely and efficiently, their equipment must be able to work within close proximity. If certain devices were to interfere with medical equipment then patients’ health would be in jeopardy. Many hospitals post signs that deter patients from using cellphones due to EMI, but with EMC testing and EMI shielding, cellphones now pose little risk to medical equipment.
  • ilitary Devices: Because the military depends on electronic equipment—from autonomous vehicles to walkie-talkies—in order to fulfill important missions, EMI must be eradicated to ensure our troops’ and our country’s safety.
  • Consumer Devices: We use electronic equipment every day to accomplish various tasks, such as microwaving our food, making phone calls, and watching television. And we want our equipment to work because, well, most of us can’t exactly fix it ourselves when equipment begins to act up. Thus, EMC testing is important in providing convenience as well as safety to consumers.


Finding the perfect EMC testing lab for your device and company can be frustrating. Rhein Tech is a full-service design and compliance engineering test laboratory. Not only do we offer general EMC testing, but we also offer testing in more specific areas, such as:

  • RF (radio frequency)
  • Military and Aviation
  • Industrial
  • Scientific and Medical
  • Automotive
  • Electrical Safety
  • Shielding Effectiveness
  • Site Surveys
  • Radar Cross Section and High Range Resolution Measurements

Our lab not only tests for EMC; we also aid in the design process, emphasizing EMI/EMC in order to save your company time and money。

If the thought of EMI gives you a headache, let Rhein Tech design your product to mitigate any interference. We want to ensure that emerging technology is safe and efficient—and that it’s on the market as soon as possible. Check out our Contact page for an online quote form today!

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In the age of IoT (the Internet of Things), technology is easier and more convenient to use than ever. Our cars, home security systems, lighting fixtures, and even refrigerators are connected to the internet, allowing us to interact with them via our smartphones and laptops.

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