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On August 12, 2014, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published . Version 6.1 requirements take effect on Sepember 10, 2014 and expands the scope of the computers program to include Slates/Tablets and Portable All-In-One Computers, as well as a new subtype of Notebook Computers; Two-In-One Notebooks. Power management and energy efficiency criteria have been added for the two new product types, while Two-In-One Notebooks are addressed directly through the existing Version 6.0 Notebook Computer requirements.  The EPA received limited comments in response to the Final Draft specification, which resulted in some modest edits to the final specification, including clarifications in the definitions for Two-In-One Notebooks and Portable All-In-One Computers.

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斗地主达人During late May 2014, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published E which now includes Slate/Tablet devices and Two-In-One Computers with notable additions below:

  •  Provided guidance that Slates/Tablets or Two-In-One Computers shall be configured in a manner identical to Notebooks unless otherwise specified.
  • Provided clarification to luminance requirement to load three vertical bar video signal with default application for a Slate/Tablet or Two-In-One Computer.
  • Added luminance requirements to test Slates/Tablets at a 200 cd/m2 minimum. Additionally, Two- In-One Computers shall be tested similar to Notebooks at 90 cd/m2.
  • Added requirement for Slates/Tablets or Two-In-One Computers to configure the ENERGY STAR test image with a default image display application.
  • Added additional reporting test, specifying that Notebook Computers and Two-In-One Computers repeat the Short Idle test with the display brightness set to the closest setting that is at least 200 cd/m2. Additionally, Slates/Tablets shall repeat the Short Idle test with the display brightness set to the closest setting that is at least 90 cd/m2.
  • Added additional requirement to disable cellular function for testing and added clarifying language to leave Bluetooth as shipped.


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The UK’s National Measurement Office, NMO, recently published a market surveillance report as part of an to determine compliance with the Energy Information Regulations 2011 within UK electrical retailers, for regulated white goods and televisions.

斗地主达人To help manufacturers fully maximize their position in the ENERGY STAR® market, we present a step-by-step guide representing how some of most successful ENERGY STAR® partners have integrated ENERGY STAR® into their business plans:

  1. Conduct an inventory to determine which products currently meet ENERGY STAR® and integrate ENERGY STAR® requirements into your company’s research and development efforts. ENERGY STAR® is continuously updating its specifications and revising old specifications and invites manufacturing partners to .

Under the new provisions of the ENERGY STAR® program, the qualification process continues beyond the initial approval for a product to display the ENERGY STAR® label. An ENERGY STAR® qualified product is subject to on-going verification testing throughout its lifecycle. The EPA’s objective is to ensure that in production, the product continues to comply with the ENERGY STAR® requirements it met during the initial verification testing. If your products were ENERGY STAR® qualified prior to 2011, one of two things must happen:

ENERGY STAR® is the trusted government-backed symbol for energy efficiency, helping us all save money and protect the environment by using energy-efficient products and practices. The Energy Star program was created in the early 1990s by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in an attempt to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

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